Autonomous smart vision EQ for two

Autonomous smart vision EQ for two

Welcome to the future of car sharing

“The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of future urban mobility,” says smart CEO Annette Winkler. “It is the most radical car sharing concept car of all: fully autonomous, with maximum communication capabilities, friendly, comprehensively personalisable and, of course, electric.”

The smart vision EQ fortwo concept vehicle demonstrates how autonomous driving could make future car sharing even more convenient, simple, and cost-effective. Through the convergence of swarm intelligence and autonomous driving, the smart vision EQ fortwo means you won’t have to look for the next available car—it will find you and pick you up at your chosen location, summoned via your mobile device. What’s more, you’ll recognize the car as your ride via the personalized message flashed across the front of the vehicle.

The smart vision EQ fortwo features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. When not in use, it makes its way independently to a charging station for an energy fill-up. It can also dock with the power grid inductively, feed in electricity, and act as a “swarm battery,” giving the grid a break.

Two other features define the car’s architecture. First, the two doors pivot wing-like over the rear axle, easing access and reducing the danger of collision with cyclists. The second is the lack of a steering wheel: no need for one—smart vision EQ fortwo is fully autonomous.

When will you be able to hail one for a ride? The smart vision EQ fortwo is set to go into production by 2022.